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53182. The Geography of Iron and Steel Production in the Ussr.

Good basic survey of where and how much iron and steel the Russians produce. Good discussion of how geography affects economic s, also covers technical problems. Written early '70's. 11 pages, 22 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.

53132. Tax Policies in Capitalist, Socialist and Communist Nations.

Solid basic overview of how and why the government takes money from the people under any ideology; includes discussion of stabilization and other goals in U. S., redistribution of income in Sweden and Britain, planning and socialist incentives in USSR. l2p., 16f., l0b.

53124. Utilization of Economic Principles in the Management of Soviet Industry.

Good basic overview of how the Soviet Union organizes management and production; includes party and government, material incentives for workers, educational structure, principles and responsibilities of management. 11 pages, 22 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.

53081. The World Bank.

Good study of the history, organization, policies and activities of the World Bank, and its affiliates the International Finance Corporation and the International Development Association. Financial statistics circa early '70's. 16 pages, 33 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.

53031. The International Monetary Fund.

Interesting survey of the purpose, history, organization and policies of the IMF. Good discussion of Special Drawing Rights, 1971 Dollar Crisis. 17p., 30f., lOb.

52500G. Japan as an Economic Giant.

Survey of Japanese economic history; includes early history , society and culture, govt.-business cooperation, American aid, Japan as economic imperialist in Asia. Basically sympathetic to Japan. 16 pages, 30 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources.

52430. Japanese and American Business Relations.

Survey of Japanese business attitudes and views of America; discusses Japan's postwar recovery, attitudes towards education, foreign investment, American wealth and power, technology, cultural change, business ethics, and other topic s. 18 pages, 9 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources.

52369. Japanese Economic Imperialism Since World War Ii.

Good thorough study of Japan's trade relations with other countries, which stresses Japan's exploitation of the raw materials of other nations; however, the definition of "imperialism" used is very loose (basically, if anything once imported is re-exported.) Includes Japanese investment in foreign countries. 16 pages, 20 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.

52276. The Role of U. S. Economic Aid to Taiwan.

This is an analysis of the ways in which U.S. economic aid helped the Nationalist regime to survive after its flight from the mainland. It is generally favorable to U.S. policy. 15 pages, 55 footnotes, 25 bibliographic sources.

51780. France, the Common Market and Industrialization.

Good overview of France's economic prosperity since World War II, with comments on the role of the Common Market and the changing structure of French industry. 11p. 10f. Sb.
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