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The Tobacco Control Negotiations of 1997-1998.

19298. The Tobacco Control Negotiations of 1997-1998.

This paper provides an analysis of the tobacco control negotiations of 1997-1998 that initially led to an historic global settlement agreement (GSA) in June 1997. The GSA tobacco control negotiations were followed by negotiations with legislators to draft implementing legislation for the agreement. These efforts concluded in June 1998 with a defeated bill, effectively also killing the GSA forged a year earlier. Drawing on Fisher et al.ís (2011) and Campís (2007) theories of negotiation, this paper analyzes the multiparty tobacco control negotiations of 1997-1998, with a special focus on the conflict among tobacco control organizations and public health officials about how to (or how not to) negotiate with the tobacco companies and the impact of this conflict on the negotiation outcomes. Information on the tobacco control negotiations is drawn from Wheeler & Levensonís (2002) and Heymannís (2004) case studies of the tobacco control negotiations. APA Style. 15 pages, 51 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources. 4,097 words.

TAGS: tobacco settlement, negotiations, public policy, tobacco control negotiations, addiction, negotiating strategy, health hazard, public health, special interests, Liggett.


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