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Stem Cell Research Controversy.

18485. Stem Cell Research Controversy.

Controversies in stem cells and stem cell research are explored in this essay. Based on an overview and analysis of the ethical concerns and controversies with human stem cell research, this paper makes a strong research- and fact-based argument in favor of stem cell research using particular stem cell lines. After briefly summarizing the medical/scientific components of the stem cell controversy and presenting an overview of the existing U.S. legal framework (including a discussion of significant changes/restrictions on stem cell research imposed during the George W. Bush Administration), the analysis focuses on the ethics of stem cell research. After considering the arguments for and against stem cell research, it is concluded that stem cell research using particular stem cell lines and within a well-designed ethical and legal framework is ethically acceptable. Moreover, it is argued that there is a moral imperative to carry out stem cell research because of the potential benefits to society from medical breakthroughs. TAGS: human stem cells, research ethics, stem cell controversy, ethical controversies dilemmas, parkinsons, paralysis, Alzheimers, medical advancements, fetus embryos. APA Style, 12 pages, 16 footnotes, 16 bibliographic source. 3,592 words.

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