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Nixon’S Role the Watergate Scandal.

18851. Nixon’S Role the Watergate Scandal.

This term paper addresses the Watergate scandal that broke out in 1972 and eventually led to the resignation of President Nixon. Some researchers have argued that the scandal occurred because the Nixon Administration was an “imperial presidency” and others have argued that Nixon’s staff took unlawful actions without his knowledge. These claims are rejected and it is argued that Nixon was ultimately responsible for Watergate because of his ruthless ambition and his view that he had to win the 1972 election in order to save the nation from its domestic “enemies.” TAGS: President Nixon, Watergate scandal, presidential impeachment, culpability, argumentative essay, enemies list, research paper.. MLA Style. 20 pages, 52 footnotes, 14 bibliographic sources. 4,737 words.

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