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“the Underclass” by Ken Auletta (A Book Review).

17350. “the Underclass” by Ken Auletta (A Book Review).

This paper provides a review and critique of this book about the underclass in American society which the author, an investigative journalist, defines as the approximately one-third of the nation’s poor who are unable “to climb out of poverty after a generation or two.” Although Auletta uses numerous facts and statistics in his research, the most notable feature of the book is its inclusion of the personal viewpoints of people that he observed and interviewed during the years 1979-1980. While Auletta’s analysis of the underlying factors involved in poverty is perhaps weakened by the fact that he a journalist, not a sociologist or economist, Auletta nonethless presents a thorough, well-researched overview of the underclass problem, with useful insights for both the professional reader and the general reader alike. KEYWORDS: poverty causes lower class underclass race poor book review. 6 pages, 6 footnotes in text, 1 bibliographic source.

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