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Whistle-Blowing in Japan.

17151. Whistle-Blowing in Japan.

Using a 2002 Los Angeles Times article about a Japanese company’s revenge on an employee whistle-blower as a starting point, this paper examines whistle-blowing in Japan. Differences between the Japanese and the U.S./Western approach to whistle-blowing are considered, and the legal, cultural, and other reasons for these differences assessed. The investigation looks at some corporate and government scandals broken by whistle-blowers and considers why whistle-blowing has become more common in Japan in recent years. The conclusion speculates on the future of whistle-blowing and the prospect for whistle-blower protection in Japan. Keywords: comparative politics law whistleblowing Japan US. APA Style. 12 pages; 35 footnotes; 20 bibliographic sources. 3,210 words.

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