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The Depiction of Women in the Movies of the 1930'S.

17232. The Depiction of Women in the Movies of the 1930'S.

This paper discusses how the Great Depression and other factors contributed to how women were depicted in Hollywood movies in the 1930s. It is noted that women were depicted differently in the period before the passage of the Hays censorship code (1934) and in the period following its implementation. The paper includes a discussion of the “male gaze” and female stereotypes. In addition, it is noted that the “screwball comedies” of the time often showed women who appeared to be empowered; however, this was played for laughs and the women were generally shown to be submissive to men in the end. Keywords: films women 1930s censorship gender relations. 13 pages; 36 footnotes; 10 bibliographic sources. 3,334 words.

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