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The "Common Culture" of Youth.

17166. The "Common Culture" of Youth.

This essay explores the concept of youth and identity formation with reference to social differentiation in terms of race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, and locality. The analysis considers to what extent and in what sense there exists a ‘common culture’ of youth. It is argued that there is a common culture of youth. It is argued that there is a common culture of youth in the sense that youths of various ages, gender, ethnic, racial and geographic backgrounds make use of similar modes of cultural expression (e.g. music, dress, etc.), although the specifics of this expression are influenced by race, ethnicity, gender, age, and locality. It is further argued that young people use culture to create and define their identities. 25 pages; 62 footnotes; 25 bibliographic sources. 6,493 words.

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