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This paper provides a strategic audit of Southwest Airlines. The discount airline’s historical and current strategies are identified, examined and assessed. The analysis evaluates the effectiveness of Southwest’s strategies to date, noting any strategy-related problems, and makes recommendations on how Southwest can improve its strategic position in the future, setting forth a plan of implementation. The audit begins with an overview of Southwest’s history, recent events and strategies. This is followed by a summary of current operations and a concise description of Southwest’s strategies. The next section presents a competitor analysis, including a summary of key strengths and weaknesses for two key competitors, American Airlines and Jet Blue. This is followed by a summary SWOT for Southwest along with a concise summary of the strategy and strategy-related problems identified through the strategic audit. The concluding section presents recommendations for future adjustments to Southwest’s strategy, along with a brief implementation plan. APA Style. 25 pages; 89 footnotes; 34 bibliographic references. 8,469 words.

TAGS: airline industry strategic management marketing strategy SWOT Southwest Airlines JetBlue American Airlines competitive analysis business case study solutions.


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