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Overweight and Obesity in the United States.

17456. Overweight and Obesity in the United States.

This paper provides an overview and analysis of the problems of overweight and obesity in America from a public health and public policy setting perspective. Following an examination of the scope of the problem, including the related health concerns/risks and economic impact, the analysis looks at the major causes and possible solutions to the problem of obesity and overweight in America. Included among the primary causes identified are technological factors which have combined to reduce levels of physical activity and increase levels of food consumption; food industry policies and marketing activities; economic factors; and a decline in Americans’ physical activities. Ultimately, to win its “war on obesity,” the government may need to more closely regulate the food industry and its advertisers, as well as provide subsidies for producers and price incentives for consumers to consume healthier, less energy dense foods while exercising more regularly. KEYWORDS: obesity overweight obese weight reduction diet exercise public policy food. 15 pages, 56 footnotes; 29 bibliographic sources. 3,552 words.

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