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Marketing Medical Equipment to China.

17451. Marketing Medical Equipment to China.

This paper explores entering the Chinese medical equipment market with a portable digital x-ray product. The first part of the paper presents an overview and analysis of the Chinese market, and a discussion of risks, opportunities, and basic parameters of doing business in China from the perspective of an American firm. The second part of the paper focuses on entering the medical equipment market. The Chinese health industry in general and the medical devices industry (with a focus on digital medical imaging equipment) in particular are profiled and discussed in terms of structure, risks and opportunities. Taking the perspective of a small U.S. manufacturer and marketer of high technology medical imaging equipment, the analysis then presents a tentative program for Chinese market entry, focusing initially on a portable digital x-ray machine. KEYWORDS: China market entry medical devices marketing strategy. 21 pages, 106 footnotes, 46 bibliographic sources. 5066 words.

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