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International Political Economy (Ipe) and Globalization.

17382. International Political Economy (Ipe) and Globalization.

As a discipline, IPE encompasses several theories derived from three main conceptualizations or ideologies: mercantilism, liberalism, and Marxism. This paper compares and contrasts the three main conceptions of IPE. Following the general comparative overview of the three conceptions, the analysis considers how advocates of each view would assess the phenomenon of globalization. A final section of the analysis uses the IPE lens (and hegemonic stability theory in particular) to consider the merits and dangers of “hegemonic stability” in international trade. Turabian Style. 25 pages, 48 footnotes, 22 bibliographic sources. 6,192 words.

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TAGS: international political theory political ideology political theory mercantilism liberalism marxism hegemonic stability globalization.


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