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Fraud in Public-Funded Health Care (Medicare/Medicaid)

17419. Fraud in Public-Funded Health Care (Medicare/Medicaid)

This paper provides a brief overview and analysis of the problem of fraud in publically-funded healthcare programs, focusing on the two largest and most important programs, Medicare and Medicaid. The investigation considers the scope of the fraud and provides an overview of the various types of fraud found in these programs; looks at the major victims of Medicare/Medicaid fraud and identifies the key stakeholders in the fraud problem; describes some of the efforts taken to address the problem; and makes recommendations on how to gather coalitions of stakeholders to better address this problem and preserve access to healthcare for our country’s most vulnerable and needy citizens. KEYWORDS: healthcare fraud Medicare Medicaid. 11 pages, 35 footnotes, 22 bibliographic sources. 2,642 words. 2,642 words.

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