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First Central Bank of River City Harvard Case Study 9488015.

17197. First Central Bank of River City Harvard Case Study 9488015.

This paper provides a Berkeley Research legal and ethical analysis of a Harvard Business School case study (9488015) on First Central Bank of River City involving an attempt by the International Metal Workers Union (IMU) to organize the bank’s white collar workers. The legal analysis first summarizes the relevant facts of the case and articulates the critical issues. The applicable legal rules are identified and discussed. The legal analysis concludes with recommendations on the appropriate legal action. The second part of the paper presents an analysis of the ethical issues in the case. The major ethical issues are identified and discussed. Possible ethical alternatives are identified and recommendations for appropriate ethical action stated. Keywords: banking unionization white collar workers union busting ethics labor law case study case solution. 16 pages; 33 footnotes; 8 bibliographic sources. 3,962 words.

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