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Bioethics Case: The Second-Hand Suicide Threat.

17473. Bioethics Case: The Second-Hand Suicide Threat.

Dr. Harris, primary care physician to 70 year old Mrs. Preston, must decide how to proceed after learning from Mrs. Preston that her 75-year old husband (not his patient) expressed suicidal intention in the past few weeks in conjunction with heart failure-related debilitation. Mrs. Preston has implored that Dr. Harris not intervene at this time. This essay considers why this case is ethically difficult to resolve, identifying and discussing the conflicting ethical considerations. It is argued that Dr. Harrisís intervention would cause considerable harm and be a violation of his professional ethics related to his duty to respect patient autonomy and dignity, maintain patientís confidentiality, and duty to first, do no harm. KEYWORDS: bioethics case study analysis ethics assisted suicide euthanasia physician ethics. 8 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources. 1955 words.

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