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America’S Involvement in the Vietnam War.

17351. America’S Involvement in the Vietnam War.

This paper provides an overview and analysis of the early history of the Vietnam War and the factors leading to the U.S. decision to send military forces to Vietnam in an effort to determine the main reasons for the initial American involvement in the war in Vietnam. Traces U.S. foreign policy towards Vietnam (IndoChina) back to the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Finds that the shift in policy (favoring intervention) occurred in the 1950s primarily as a result of Cold War pressures. Provides an overview of Kennedy’s decision to send military assistance to South Vietnam, discusses escalation following the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident and Johnson’s policies in the war. Concludes that America’s initial involvement was an outcome of the Cold War and the effort to contain communism. Once Johnson received congressional authorization to escalate the war, it became increasingly difficult for America to remove itself from the war, even when things went badly and antiwar demonstrations grew more violent on the domestic front. Includes an annotated bibliography. KEYWORDS: US Vietnam War policy cold war containment communism Gulf Tonkin. 14 pages, 41 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources. 3,866 words.

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