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HALF PRICE SPECIAL - SAVE $70. OFFER ENDS SOON. This paper provides an overview and analysis of contemporary theories of juvenile delinquency. Because the newer integrative theories build on established theories, the main part of the analysis consists of a review of major simple (i.e., single-factor) theories of juvenile delinquency as they were established historically and through the late 20th Century. Classical, biological/biosocial, psychological, social, control, labeling, and radical theories are discussed. The overview describes the main theories and considers the central strengths and weaknesses of each theoretical approach. Following this, the analysis examines the more recent movement towards the development of expansive and integrative theories and considers the overall trends in contemporary juvenile delinquency theory, with a special focus on the recent tendency to stress the role of family and adult-child relationships in the development of juvenile delinquency. 19 pages, 39 footnotes, 21 bibliographic sources. SPECIAL SALE, HALF PRICE

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