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Regional Unemployment in Europe & Uk.

15665. Regional Unemployment in Europe & Uk.

In terms of finding a solution to the problem of regional unemployment, one school of thought holds that, "The basic cause of local or regional concentrations of unemployment must be a lack of sufficient jobs, and the answer is thus essentially to create more jobs." This essay critically analyzes and discusses that assertion with respect to the situation in the UK and throughout Europe. The paper argues that while the assertion is over-simplified and lacking in specificity critical to solving the problem of regional unemployment disparity, it is rooted in truth. The underlying veracity of the statement is made evident through an examination of the specific causes of regional unemployment and by looking at the results of various efforts to reduce regional unemployment disparities. The essay argues that solutions to the problem will require job-creating strategies specifically targeted to the locality and the category of effected workers, particularly the most vulnerable manual laborers and less skilled female workers. KEYWORDS: european unemployment regional employment uk unemployed regional disparities employment. 12 pages, 35 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources. 3,243 words.

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