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Regional Disparities and Infrastructure Investment in the Eu.

15610. Regional Disparities and Infrastructure Investment in the Eu.

This paper discusses and critically evaluates the assertion that: "Public infrastructure investment by the European Union [EU] does little to improve cohesion: such investment tends to assist economic development in richer regions relative to those that are poorer." Drawing on examples from studies examining the actual and/or projected regional impacts of various infrastructure projects, it will be argued that the assertion that infrastructure investment does little to improve cohesion is overly simplistic. While it is true that there appears to be a natural bias for such investment to assist economic development in richer versus poorer regions, and although it is also true that in some specific cases regions in the periphery have experienced disproportionately adverse impact as a consequence of investment in some supranational infrastructure projects, it is argued that under the proper circumstances, infrastructure investment can serve as a force for economic and social cohesion and as a tool for reducing inter-regional economic disparities. 14 pages, 33 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.

TAGS: EU European Union, supranational organization, infrastructure investment, economic unity, regional disparities, research paper


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