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PG&E: Media Spin and the California Energy Crisis.

15445. PG&E: Media Spin and the California Energy Crisis.

This term paper examines media coverage of Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s (PG&E) role in the California energy crisis of 2000-2001, looking both at PG&E’s efforts to spin the cover in its favor, and biases (for and against PG&E) demonstrated in the media coverage. The central thesis of the essay is that while PG&E has attempted to use the media to portray itself as a blameless ‘victim’ in the energy crisis, strong editorial biases in the press (especially in California) have contributed to the overall failure of this strategy. It is also argued that the company’s reputation, its historical relationship with its customers, and its recent efforts to protect its assets by shifting billions of dollars to its parent companies have also poisoned PG&E’s reputation and its relations with the public. Keywords: utility companies blackouts energy shortage cost shifting media strategy public relations news bias. APA Style. 12 pages; 32 footnotes; 21 bibliographic sources.

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