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Long-Term Competitive Advantage & Globalization.

15653. Long-Term Competitive Advantage & Globalization.

This essay analyzes Alfred Chandler's views (as expressed in his 1990 book, Scale and Scope) on managerial enterprise and international comparative advantage with a view towards assessing its relevance and validity for contemporary economic, market, and organizational structures. Considers whether Chandler's views on managerial enterprise rely too heavily on the U.S. ideal to adequately explain the long-term comparative success of nations and their industries. Argues that while Chandler's (1990) historical analysis provides an excellent explanation of the rise of the modern industrial organization and the factors of comparative success from the emergence of the organization in the late 19th Century up until World War II, changes in the global economic structure and concomitant profound shifts in the international competitive environment render much of Chandler's analysis inapplicable to an understanding of contemporary factors in comparative success. 17 pages, 26 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.

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