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Language and Class in Arabic.

15064. Language and Class in Arabic.

This paper provides a descriptive survey overview of class (as indicated by socioeconomic indicators such as income, occupational category, and education level) differences in Arabic. In an effort to understand and illuminate class differences, the analysis also takes into account how other social indicators (such as urban/rural residency, gender, religious sect, country of residence, etc.) impacts these class distinctions among Arab speakers. The primary purpose of the paper is descriptive. The analysis moves from the general to the particular. The first section outlines the major varieties of Arabic as noted by Arab language scholars and then considers class differences within these varieties. The remaining sections examine more particular aspects of class differences, looking at the use of honorifics and comparisons of within-country class differences in Arabic. KEYWORDS: arabic language term paper class honorifics. APA Style. 13 pages, 43 footnotes, 18 bibliographic references. 4,402 words.

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