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Language Shift and Language Maintenance and Identity.

15643. Language Shift and Language Maintenance and Identity.

This investigation examines the variables associated with language shift and language maintenance, and the relationship between language maintenance and cultural identity among language-minority groups in the United States and elsewhere. The review suggests that socioeconomic and pragmatic considerations are paramount in driving language shift, although dominant culture values which stress the ideal of cultural assimilation and by implication, the superiority of the dominant language encourage shift, both directly and indirectly. This review suggests that the language-cultural identity link is not consistent across groups. In some groups, language is intrinsically linked to ethnic culture and the loss of language is associated with a similar loss of other cultural markers. In other groups, however, strong cultural identity is maintained even in the face of the loss of native language. KEYWORDS: language shift linguistics cultural identity languages ethnicity language minorities us. APA Style. 16 pages, 35 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources. 4,254 words.

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