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History of Racial Discrimination in America.

15303. History of Racial Discrimination in America.

This term paper provides an overview and analysis of the history of racial discrimination and the slow development of federal policy responses such as anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action programs to the problem. Following an overview of definitions of racial discrimination and a brief discussion of the cultural and historical roots of racial discrimination in the United States, the paper traces the history of racial discrimination in American from Colonial times through the 1950s. The essay also discusses some of the seminal Supreme Court cases including Dred Scott, Plessy, and Korematsu shaping formal policy responses to the problem of racial discrimination in America. KEYWORDS: racial discrimination blacks jim crow segregation race relations anti-discrimination laws supreme court rulings dred scott plessy korematsu brown v board education research paper. APA Style. 15 pages, 52 footnotes, 14 bibliographic sources. 5,302 words.

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