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China and India Face the Challenges of Globalization.

15690. China and India Face the Challenges of Globalization.

Focusing on the past seven years (1993-2001), this paper compares and contrasts China's and India's main economic strengths and weaknesses, progress in economic reform, and problems and challenges of globalization each country faces in their drive to become modern, high performing members of the global economy. Compares the two countries in the context of the history of their economic reform programs, motivation for embarking on reform, ideology of reform, structure of reform, and overall results of reform. Concludes that China has thus far been more successful at reform and at integrating with the global economy, but cautions that China still faces the most difficult phase of its reform. TAGS: China India economic reform globalization chinese indian economy global integration international political economy. 17 pages, 41 footnotes, 30 bibliographic sources.

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