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Bioterrorism: Biological Terrorism: Anthrax, Smallpox & More.

15712. Bioterrorism: Biological Terrorism: Anthrax, Smallpox & More.

This paper provides an overview and analysis of the threat and reality of biological terrorism and/or biological warfare in 21st Century, post-September 11th America. The first part of the paper conducts an overview of the potential sources of a biological attack, looking at both state actors and non-state actors, and examining the barriers that these potential attackers would have to overcome in order to carry off a large-scale attack using biological agents. The second part provides an overview of what experts have identified as the five "critical biological agents" that might be used as biological weapons: plague, botulism, tularemia, anthrax and smallpox. TAGS: bioterrorism biological terrorist threats anthrax botulism poison disease terrorism suicide terrorism terrorist organizations. APA Style. 15 pages, 63 footnotes, 22 bibliographic sources. 5,631 words.

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