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Alfred Rosenberg: Crimes or Misdemeanors?

15685. Alfred Rosenberg: Crimes or Misdemeanors?

Did Rosenberg deserve his Nuremberg death penalty and his conviction on the four criminal counts, or was he merely a hapless pawn of the more cunning and politically adroit leaders in the Third Reich? This paper explores this question through an examination of Alfred Rosenberg's rise in the German National Socialist Party, his role as the Nazi ideologue, his role and duties in Hitler's Third Reich, and his activities as Delegate of the Fuhrer for the Supervision of the Entire Spiritual and Ideological Teaching and Education of the NSDAP and as Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories. The analysis includes an assessment of the case made against him during the Nuremberg Trial and the defense put forward on his behalf. Concludes that while Rosenberg was a relatively unimportant and certainly ineffectual Nazi policymaker, he nevertheless should have been held culpable for the consistent promulgation of an ideology which inexorably led to the commission of the Nazi atrocities. KEYWORDS: nazi war criminals rosenberg nazi trials nuremberg nazi. MLA Style. 25 pages, 38 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources. 6,337 words.

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