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The Title Character in Richard Strauss’ Opera “Salome”.

14815. The Title Character in Richard Strauss’ Opera “Salome”.

This paper provides a review and critique of Strauss’ opera (adapted from the infamous play by Oscar Wilde) which offers a decadent modern interpretation of the Biblical story of Salome, daughter of Herod Philip and step daughter of Herod Antipass, the hereditary ruler of Palestine. The reviewer focuses on the title character Salome, who during the course of the opera develops from a beautiful girl, to an infatuated young woman, to a lustful, vengeful monster. Included as an appendix is a reprint of a highly critical 1928 review of the opera by a British reviewer. KEYWORDS: opera Salome herod Palestine. 5 pages (plus appendix), 7 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources. 1,149 words (text) plus appendix.

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