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Family Friendly Organizations.

14055. Family Friendly Organizations.

This paper provides an overview and analysis of “work-family” issues (considering the topic from its more inclusive term of “work-life”) and their impact on the organization, in terms of making the organization more “family-friendly”. The first section provides a general overview of the history and evolution of “work/family” concepts and traces the demographic and organizational/work changes which have spurred the focus on these issues. The next section surveys the current status of “family-friendly” policies and practices in organizations, looking at the scope and breadth of these programs and considering factors such as barriers to implementation as well as benefits accruing to the organization and the individual as the result of family-friendly policies and practices. A concluding section examines the future issues in the “family-friendly” organization. KEYWORDS: work family conflict family friendly organizations term paper. APA Style. 24 pages, 62 footnotes, 35 bibliographical sources. 6,219 words.

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