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Asian Values & the Asian Business Style.

13138. Asian Values & the Asian Business Style.

Presents an overview of key elements in Asian business style and culture among those Asian nations heavily influenced by Confucianism, particularly China and expatriate Chinese businesses in Southeast Asia. Includes an overview of the cultural foundations of business organization in Chinese-dominated or influenced Asian nations as explained by Geert Hofstede (1985, 1991). Subsequent sections examine the dominance of the family business structure and the role and importance of 'relationships' and 'connections' in Asian business practices.. A concluding section briefly takes up the issue of whether "Asian values" can reasonably be held at all accountable for either the Asian economic miracle of the 1970s and 1980s or the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. 14 pages, 38 footnotes, 21 bibliographic sources.

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