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The Transformation of a Symbol: The Swastika.

12350. The Transformation of a Symbol: The Swastika.

Calm, thorough discussion of how the swastika went from an innocent 10,000 year history as a decorative motif to a device contaminated by Nazi associations for generations to come. Includes examples of earliest knows swastikas in ancient artifact, design variations, attempts (all unsuccessful) to prove a specific meaning for the ancient swastika, summary of work of 19th Century ethnographers on swastika, role of Schliemann, Burnouf and Zmigrodski in linking swastika to late 19th Cent. German anti-Semitism, beginnings of the Nazis, Hitler's personal role in defining and designing swastika as THE central symbol of Nazism. 12p., 5b., 35 notes in text.

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