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In-Group vs. Out-Group Distinctions in Collectivist Cultures.

12615. In-Group vs. Out-Group Distinctions in Collectivist Cultures.

Implications for International Business. This paper provides a close focus on Hofstede's (1991) observation that "the distinction between in-group and out-groups which is so essential in the collectivist culture pattern has far-reaching consequences for business relationships, beyond those between employers and employees" (p. 66). Following an overview of Hofstede's (1991) individualist-collectivist dimension of culture and a more detailed discussion of its implications for the in-group versus out-group distinction, the analysis examines the consequences of the collectivist cultures' treatment of in- and out-groups for international business relationships, looking specifically at its impact on inter- and extra-firm negotiations, organizational structures, and HRM (human resources management) structures and processes. 15 pages, 51 footnotes, 24 bibliographic sources.

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